Making a pet insurance claim

Making a pet insurance claim

There are a few options designed to make it easy for you to submit your pet insurance claims.

Option 1:  Your vet submits your claim

  • Claim with GapOnly: If your Vet Clinic is a GapOnly® partner, you can have your Potiki / claim  processed on the spot.  GapOnly® reviews and calculates your claims while you’re still in-clinic, so you only pay the gap between your pet insurance benefit and your vet invoice for eligible claims. Check here  to see if your vet is signed up for GapOnly®. If not, we encourage you to mention this service to your Vet Clinic so that they can get in touch with the GapOnly® team.
  • Vets claims on your behalf: Most Vet Clinics have integrated systems with our Claim Administrators to submit claims directly to us on your behalf via the paperless  eClaims service. Ask your Vet if they can do this for you at the time of settling your invoice.

Option 2:  Submit your claim online

Potiki together with have a pet insurance policy portal. You will need the following to make a claim:

  • An Itemised invoice (a paid invoice that includes individual treatment items and costs adding up to the total amount paid)
  • Vet consultation notes, if you have them (these are the veterinarian’s medical notes from examination findings)

Our Claim Administrators require a pet’s full vet history to assess a claim. However, this only needs to be provided in the first instance of claiming. In other words, the full vet consultation notes for the life of your pet needs to be provided. Once provided, there is no need to provide this again. This only needs to be provided when claiming and not on policy sign up.

If you have adopted your pet at a later age and you cannot locate prior history, documentation showing the date you took ownership will be required. You can also add your vet details in the Pet Portal.

Option 3:  Send your claim in the mail

If you would prefer to lodge your claim in the mail, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Download a claim form here and print it out.
  • Step 2: Complete section 1 and remember to sign the form.
  • Step 3: Your Vet Clinic will then need to complete the applicable sections. Ensure your Vet includes his/her practice details on the attached invoice.
  • Step 4: Attach detailed itemised invoices and payment receipts with a full veterinary history (if this is your first accident or illness claim). No history is required for routine care claims.

Please mail the completed claim for to:

Potiki/ - Claims Department

Locked Bag 9021,

Castle Hill, NSW 1765


Fax both sides of this form with all accompanying documentation to:

1300 367 229

If you have any questions about your claim, please call

1300 855 663, 8.00am – 8.00pm (AEST) Monday to Friday.