The Top 10 Ways to Keep Your German Shepherd Dog Healthy

The Top 10 Ways to Keep Your German Shepherd Dog Healthy - dog watching while sitting

Dogs are beloved pets in many families, but taking good care of them can be a lot of work! It’s important to understand how to best care for your dog so that he can be happy and healthy, with the longest possible lifespan. A German Shepherd Dog has a medium-to-large frame, making it an especially big responsibility to take care of one. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can keep your German Shepherd Dog healthy! Here are some simple steps you can take every day to ensure that your dog stays as happy and healthy as possible.

1) Get them groomed regularly

Regular grooming can help maintain your dog’s healthy, beautiful coat and skin. Most German Shepherds are easier to care for than other breeds, but every few months you’ll need to get their nails clipped and ears cleaned, as well as bathe them regularly.

2) Feed them a quality dog food

If you don’t have time to make your dog’s food from scratch, then be sure that you’re feeding them a high-quality kibble. A good quality food will provide all of their nutritional needs without any potentially harmful ingredients or dangerous chemicals. Make sure that your dog is eating a diet formulated for their age and activity level, as well as your geographic location (the temperatures in Arizona are different than those in Minnesota). Some health conditions may require that your vet recommend a specialized food.

3) Walk them often

Not only will taking your dog for a walk help them stay healthy, it will also help you bond with your pet. Plus, they’ll get plenty of exercise in one outing! Try varying your route as much as possible, so they don’t get bored. If they need a break from walking, try throwing a Frisbee or playing fetch instead. These games will keep them active and stimulated while still giving them some much-needed rest between walks.

4) Exercise them with play time

All dogs should have at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, but if you have a German shepherd, make it 60. That’s because these dogs are really energetic and will require far more exercise than other breeds. Let them run around during playtime or take them on long walks where they can do some running as well. Long hair needs extra care: GSDs tend to shed, so be sure that you brush your dog once or twice a week to help minimize hair loss throughout your home and furniture.

5) Take them to the Vet once every 6 months for their checkup.

Having a family dog is not only a great way to keep your children company but also a loving and fun pet for you, too. However, it’s important to remember that dogs need medical care just like humans do and going in for their checkup once every 6 months can help you determine if they are healthy enough. If you notice any changes in their health or weight loss, it’s time to see your vet as soon as possible. Doing so may save your pet’s life.

6) Go To A Boarding Kennel For Vacation Time

This is not a good idea, because in addition to being away from you, your dog will be in a very unfamiliar place. Dogs are territorial animals and change can stress them out. Rather than leaving your dog with a kennel for vacation time consider hiring a professional pet sitter. This way he’ll have familiar people around him who understand his needs.

7) Know your dog and its personality

It’s crucial that you know your dog, since each one is different. Some dogs are very active and need plenty of exercise, while others like to chill more often. Knowing what kind of lifestyle your dog prefers can help you keep it healthy and energetic for years. Spend time with them every day! They love attention, especially from their owners! Grooming sessions: It’s important to brush your dog at least once a week to help prevent hair loss.

8) Give it plenty of love and attention

German Shepherds are very good at making us humans feel guilty when we haven’t played with them in a while, but they’re also some of the most sensitive dogs out there. The more attention you give your GSD, from playing with it daily and brushing its coat weekly, to feeding it quality food and taking it for regular walks, will only lead to a happier canine companion.

9) Train him properly, be firm but fair.

Training your dog is essential. As with children, it’s far easier to train them at a young age, but it’s not impossible if you adopt an older dog. For example, basic commands like sit or lay down can go a long way in curbing bad behavior as well as increasing your dog’s obedience.

10) Love him unconditionally like no other.

Dogs are known for their unconditional love, and when it comes to your pup there is no exception. Be sure to give him all of your attention, time and affection. A healthy diet and exercise will help him live a long and happy life so that you can spend years together.

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