Why are German Shepherds so Popular?

Why are German Shepherds so popular breed in australia - German Shepherds dog is running

Why are German Shepherds so popular. Known for being intelligent, loyal, alert and courageous, the German Shepherd dog breed is the seventh most popular dog breed in Australia. As pets, it’s important to channel your German Shepherd’s intelligence and energy, by excelling at activities like obedience, agility or tracking. Here are 7 reasons why the German Shepherd is such a popular dog breed Down Under.

1) German Shepherds thrive on training

No matter which activity you choose, a well-trained German Shepherd is a happy dog. Having structured training sessions with your dog is a great way to channel their intelligence and keep them mentally stimulated. With an obedient and well-behaved dog, you’ll feel safer bringing them around family and friends.

2) They offer excellent guard dogs

Because of their loyalty and protective nature, German Shepherds make great guard dogs. They’re alert, loyal and intelligent enough to sense danger long before it gets close to you, making them an excellent choice for those concerned about home security. They’re also used by police as narcotic and bomb detection dogs. Being a working dog comes naturally to them – think about how easily they learn tricks or perfect commands! You can pair their work ethic with some training or agility classes and have an obedient canine companion.

3) They’re more playful than other breeds

Have you ever seen a German Shepherd with a tennis ball? The answer is almost always yes. Like most working dogs, German Shepherds were bred to work and play hard—and they do both exceptionally well. Unlike some other breeds that don’t enjoy fetch or playing games much, these dogs will chase their ball for hours on end if given half a chance. When it comes to playtime, no breed can compare!

4) They’re independent thinkers

Despite their loyal nature, many people believe that German Shepherds think for themselves. They’re unlikely to obey you just because you’re bigger and stronger, but will obey when they understand what you want from them. This means your dog could be an excellent candidate for training: he’ll be able to follow simple commands and perform tasks without needing constant supervision, which is more than can be said of most breeds.

5) They’re great with kids

One of a parent’s primary responsibilities is to ensure that their child grows up happy and healthy. One way to do that is by getting your child a dog – it doesn’t even have to be a German Shepherd! By doing so, you give your kid some responsibility at an early age, encouraging good behaviour and teaching them about taking care of something. It will also give them another outlet for all that boundless energy they have as they grow up.

6) They bond deeply with their families

Loyal to a fault, German shepherds make great companions. Known for being overly protective of their family, they will often bark to alert you if they feel your family is threatened by an outsider. They have a strong desire to please: The loyalty of these dogs comes from their strong urge to serve and protect around them. This is why German shepherds are so so popular. Trainers say that only after you’ve earned their respect do they truly listen to what you have to say.

7) Their coats don’t shed much

If you have a pet hair allergy, a German Shepherd might be your best bet for avoiding an allergic reaction. Their short coats mean that you won’t get too many dog hairs all over your home, and they also don’t shed as much as other breeds like Labradors or golden retrievers. They’re great dogs for people with allergies!


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