Why Potiki And Pet Insurance

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Pōtiki means youngest
in the family.

The word Potiki comes from Māori and it means youngest in the family, and more often than not, the fur baby is the youngest one in the family.

How Potiki puts pet insurance in a whole new light

It makes sense to reward pet owners with extras that help them with everyday pet needs. We have done exactly that by offering you non-insurance products alongside your pet insurance policy that your pet might need –like flea & tick treatments, worming tablets, you choose what you need. Plus you have the benefit of contacting a vet for assistance “anytime, anywhere” with VetChat provided with your cover 1. Chat online with an expert vet to get immediate assistance with your pet’s condition.

Why Potiki Banner

Use this simple tool to see what your furbaby’s Potiki Perks # could include:

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Multi-Award Winning Pet Insurance Cover Across All Cover Types

A testament to our unbeatable Potiki Pet Perks # offer and the generous cover options available (in collaboration with petinsurance.com.au), we’re extremely humbled and proud to have been awarded:

  • Pet Insurance Provider of the Year!
  • Exceptional Value Comprehensive Pet Insurance (Gold and Routine care (non-insurance benefit)).
  • Exceptional Quality Pet Insurance Award (Platinum).
  • Exceptional Value Accident & Illness Pet Insurance.
Best Of Value
Pet Insurance Of The Value
Best Of Quality
Best Of Quality
  • Best for Value (Pet Insurance) Winner
  • Pet Insurer of the Year Finalist
  • Best for Quality (Pet Insurance) Finalist
Best Of Value Pet Insurance Of The Value Best Of Quality

Why pet insurance matters

Pet owners are special people. They share, they care. Pet ownership in Australia is one of the highest in the world – over 60% of us have dogs, cats or both. Yet any pet can get into strife. Accidents and illnesses are unfortunate. From snakebites to cancer, an unexpected vet bill can cost thousands of dollars for surgery or treatment. It pays to be prepared with pet insurance.

Cover with more
flexibility and benefits

Potiki, together with petinsurance.com.au offer our customers flexibility with a choice of excess, along with the option of adding in extras. This is what you get:

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The Platinum Cover offers a higher level of cover for ‘specified accidental injury’ and ‘illnesses’ with an 80% benefit percentage and a choice of $0, $250 or $500 excess options and a $30,000 annual benefit limit. There are no sub-limits on Vet consultations, Cruciate Ligament Conditions, Tick Paralysis, and Hip-joint Surgery with Platinum Cover.

The Gold Cover includes up to 80% cover for ‘specified accidental injury’ and ‘illnesses‘, with a choice of $0, $250 or $500 excess options and a $20,000 annual benefit limit and optional dental illness cover. It also includes substantial sub-limits for vet consultations, tick paralysis, cruciate ligament conditions, and hip joint surgery of $500, $3,000, 4,000 and 6,000 respectively.

The Silver Cover caters to those who want cover for ‘specified accidental injury’ and ‘specified illnesses’ only, with a choice of $0, $250 or $500 excess options and a $20,000 annual benefit limit. Some sub-limits are a little lower when compared against the Platinum and Gold Cover.

The Bronze Cover caters to those who want cover for ‘specified conditions’ only, with a choice of $0, $250 or $500 excess options and a $20,000 annual benefit limit. This cover is only suitable for indoor cats.

Superior & innovative service makes claiming easy

We offer GapOnly® on the spot claiming 3

Potiki is proud to have access to the GapOnly® platform. Making pet insurance claims faster and easier than ever, the GapOnly® service calculates your claim while you’re still at your vet’s practice, so you only pay the gap (the difference between the total of your vet’s invoice and the claim benefits under their policy.

It means less to pay upfront, because you know exactly how much will be covered straight away, and you don’t have to wait for your claim to be paid after you leave the vet’s practice. Plus, no paperwork!

Find a GapOnly® vet

Potiki Gap Only
Why Potiki Pet Insurance Portal

Pet portal

The petinsurance.com.au Pet Portal allows you to submit claims quickly and easily online.

The portal includes a range of features to help you manage your policy 24×7 and is one of the many benefits of being a customer :

  • Submit claims in 3 quick steps from any device
  • Access to full details of your cover and policy documents
  • Access to claims correspondence and status updates
  • Update payment and policy details
  • Help centre to provide key information you may need.

A choice of excess means flexibility. You can choose from $0, $250 or $500 of excess across all cover options

If you would like to decrease your monthly premium, you have the choice to increase your excess, or to choose Silver Cover or Gold Cover instead of Platinum Cover.

What else do you get when sign up?

  • Potiki Perks: Get up to $599 worth of non-insurance benefits back every year FREE with Potiki Perks # when you purchase a petinsurance.com.au policy via Potiki.
  • Multipet Discount: Receive 10% off your premium on the 2nd or all subsequent pets insured. This is automatically applied at the time of submission.

Common claim costs

Otitis externa (ear) $100 - $1,500
Conjunctivitis $100 - $300
Diarrhoea $150 - $1,500
Ear infection $100 - $1,000
Vomiting $300 - $6,000

* Petsure data from 2022 or 2023

Diarrhoea $100 - $600
Conjunctivitis $100 - $900
Lethargy $350 - $2,500
Foreign object $500 - $4,500
Eye problems $100 - $350

Common without pet insurance*

Gastric Dilation $1,500 - $8,500
Elbow dysplasia $1,200 - $4,500
Peritonitis $1,00- - $7,000
Cataract $1,000 - $8,000
Intervertebral disc $1,000 - $10,000
Cruciate Ligament $1,000 - $7,000
Gallbladder $1,000 - $10,000
Adenocarcinoma pulmonary (lung) $1,000 - $5,000
Envenomation $1,000 - $4,000
Foreign body $1,000 - $12,000
Why Potiki Pet Insurance Two Table

* Animal Medicines Australia (2019) Pet Ownership in Australia 2019